Van der Valk uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is automatically stored on or read from the device (electronic device) of the visitor during the first visit to a website. The purpose of cookies is to collect information about someone, the website, or statistics. Some cookies also aim to improve the user experience of the website.

Why do websites use cookies?

Websites do not have a memory. When you browse different pages of the website, you will not be recognized as the same user on those pages. With cookies, your browser can be recognized by the website. In short, cookies are mainly used to remember the choices you make, such as your preferred language and currency. Cookies also ensure that you are recognized when you go back to the same website.

Do all cookies work the same?

No, there are different types of cookies and different ways to use them. Cookies can be classified based on their function, lifespan, and the party that places the cookies on a website.

Types of cookies

We distinguish between functional, analytical, and marketing cookies. We always place functional and analytical cookies. These are necessary to ensure that the website works correctly and process no personal data other than for the purpose for which this personal data is provided. With analytical cookies, we collect statistics on the use of the website by users. By measuring website use, the website can be improved for the benefit of the users.

Marketing cookies process personal data outside your field of view. These mainly allow us to improve our service. For example, we can measure how often our website is used and what information visitors are looking for. We always ask for your permission to place marketing cookies. We use the following marketing cookies:

  1. Advertising - cookies that allow us to offer relevant customized content because these cookies can identify an internet user on a website. This includes relevant offers and information about our services and products. We do this based on anonymized data on surfing, searching, and purchasing behavior, through our own channels and those of third parties. If you disable these cookies, you will still see advertisements, but they will be less relevant. These cookies also provide insight into the effectiveness of advertisements. For info about how these third parties process your data, take a look at the following links: How Google uses informationFacebook's data policy.
  2. Social media – We use social media cookies that allow the content of the Van der Valk website to be shared on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube. When you click on a social media icon, the social media channels place cookies on your device, allowing them to see what you are doing on the internet. We have no control over the cookies that social media channels place and the data they collect, so we recommend that you read the cookie statements of the relevant social media channels.
  3. Other cookies - that do not fall into the above categories, such as cookies that help optimize the user-friendliness of the website. These cookies remember preferences and interests, such as language and currency preferences, favorite hotel, and preferred payment method.

Blocking and deleting cookies

If you do not want our website to store cookies on your computer, you can indicate this in the cookie notification that you see when you first visit our website. By agreeing to place one or more cookies, you give us permission to use all cookies for which permission is given as described in the cookie notification and in this cookie statement. Have you already accepted our cookies? Then you can adjust the settings at the bottom of this page.

Please note that certain functionalities on the website may not or only partially work if you disable cookies.

You can also block the placement of cookies through your internet browser. You can also set your internet browser to notify you when a website uses cookies. You can then decide again every time whether you want to give permission for this. Most cookies automatically expire after a certain period and no longer record any data from your site visits. You can also choose to manually delete the cookies before the "expiration date" has passed.

If you would like more information on blocking or deleting cookies, please consult the manual of your internet browser.

Third-party cookies used

Van der Valk utilizes services from the third-party parties listed below. These parties may also store cookies on your device while using their services. These parties may be located in insecure third countries, including the United States. By accepting the cookies, you acknowledge and accept that this data transfer occurs, even if the level of protection in the third country may not be equivalent to that in the EU/EEA. As of this version of the Cookie Statement, Van der Valk utilizes:

  • Facebook
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Hotjar
  • Doubleclick
  • Bing Ads
  • Bloomreach
  • LinkedIn
  • MailChimp [Van der Valk Hotel Beveren]
  • HotelChamp [Van der Valk Hotel Luxembourg Arlon]
  • LeadFeeder [Van der Valk Hotel Breukelen]

Version May 2023