At Van der Valk Hotel Veenendaal, we are committed to do business from a sustainable and socially responsible point of view. From the first sketches of the building to the currentoperations, we think about how we can offer our guests an optimal stay while being mindful of the environment.


Timo & Toco
Van der Valk Hotel Veenendaal has two "own" toucans in Ouwehands Zoo: Timo & Toco. With the adopters program, we contribute to the care of our toucans and to the conservation of the natural habitat of their conspecifics in the wild.

Hotels For Trees
As a partner of Hotels For Trees, we make a tangible contribution to a greener hotel environment.
When a guest chooses to skip the intermediate room cleaning, one tree is planted per skipped cleaning. As a beneficial side effect, this also saves water, electricity and cleaning supplies.

In our hotel rooms, we offer guests a free bottle of water from EARTH Concepts upon arrival. The packaging of these bottles are for 88% made of plant material and 100% recyclable. EARTH Concepts donates its entire net profit to water projects in areas where it is most needed.

Inclusive personnel policy
We have a personnel policy where we look at the person and we focus on the qualities that a (new) colleague brings. Van der Valk Hotel Veenendaal cooperates with the Inclusive Entrepreneurs Network (ION Vallei), and employs among others individuals with a labor market disadvantage. In addition, every week we offer a group of interns from De Blink secondary special education, the possibility to get acquainted with the hotel industry.

Every year we donate a number of overnight stays, dinners and brunches to charities that we care about and feel connected to.


The minibars in all 152 hotel rooms are equipped with an on/off switch, so they only consume energy if the room is occupied and the guest seems it necessary.

Climate control hotel rooms
The climate control in hotel rooms is automatically turned off. This means that it is not left on unnecessarily when the room is not being used. In addition, the climate control is equipped with a minimum and maximum temperature limit.

Climate control meeting rooms
The climate control in all our meeting rooms is linked to the reservation system. This allowsthe climate control system to recognize when a meeting room is occupied. The room will only be cooled or heated when it is in use.

Motion sensors
Several areas in the hotel are equipped with motion sensors to turn lights on and off. This easily prevents unnecessary consumption.

Water saving
All our toilets are equipped with water-saving flush buttons. We inform our guests with stickers about usage and encourage them to use less water. With almost 200 toilets throughout the building, this has quite an impact!


Solar panels
The roof of the hotel is equipped with 331 solar panels with which we generate part of ourown energy climate-neutral.

Charging stations
Van der Valk Hotel Veenendaal has an intensive partnership with Allego. The hotel is part of Allego's international fast charging network. Together we are taking steps in the mobility transition to make electric driving accessible.

CHP System
Combined Heat and Power system: a combustion engine with a power plant. Throughcogeneration, energy and heat are generated simultaneously.

KAT System
Or Kitchen Air Technology. In the kitchen, a lot of heat is produced by such things as ovens, baking trays, heat lamps, etc. The hot air produced in the kitchen is collected through the exhaust hood, filtered and then used in the circuit for reheating tap water and air treatment.

Smart use of systems
The start-up times of our systems, such as the ventilation system, are set as efficiently as possible. As a result, in areas that are not used at night, no unnecessary energy is consumed.

Insulation of pipes and fittings
By insulating pipes and fittings, heat stays in the pipes and will not be lost.

Copper/silver ionization water
This system prevents legionella in the tap water. This ensures that we do not flush pipespreventively, which saves a lot of water. In addition, the temperature of the hot water can be lowered to 50 degrees Celsius, which again saves a lot of energy. This means double profit!