Van der Valk Hotel Veenendaal


Enjoy a delicious lunch

Like breakfast, lunch is one of the most important meals of the day. That’s why people used to eat a hot meal in the middle of the day. You can join us for hot and cold lunches, light lunches,
hearty lunches or enjoy an extensive à la carte lunch from 12.00 noon to 5.00 pm.

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Lunch menu


Tomato | € 5,50
Meatballs I parsley I crème fraîche

Onion | € 5,50
Crouton I cheese I tomato

Pumpkin-sweet potatoe* | € 5,50
Cashewnuts I spring onion I lemon zest

Green mustard | € 5,00
Bacon I spring onion I herbs



Pasta* | 1/2 € 10,00 | € 12,00   
Grilled vegetables I pesto I parmesan cheese I spinach I sundried tomatoes 

Home-smoked salmon | 1/2 € 10,50 | € 12,50 
Cucumber I avocado I red onion I creamcheese with herbs I croutons

Prawn | 1/2 € 10,50 | € 12,50  
Little gem I red onion I beansprouts I white cabbage I carrot I sesame dressing

Smoked duck breast | 1/2 € 12,50 | € 14,50  
Poached pear I figs I grapes I pecanuts I raspberry vinaigrette 

* Vegetarian


Choice of rustic white baguette or multigrain bread

Healthy 2.0 | € 8,50
Egg salad I chicken roulade I kernhem cheese I cucumber I tomato

Beef carpaccio | € 9,80
Basilmayonnaise I pine nuts I parmesan cheese I rocket I bacon

Brie* | € 8,50 
Poached pear I date syrup I pecannuts

Home-smoked salmon | € 9,50
Creamcheese with herbs I naan bread I rocket I red onion 

Steak tartare | € 9,00
Ox sausage I onion I egg I truffle mayonnaise

* Vegetarian

Hot lunch

Chicken satay | € 9,75
Pineapple chutney I prawn crackers I cucumber I satay sauce I chips

Hamburger | € 12,50
'Binnenveld' beef I truffle mayonnaise I cheddar cheese I egg I bacon I cole slaw I thick-cut chips

Tuna Melt | € 9,50
Cheese-onion bread I tuna I spinach I cheddar cheese I creamcheese with herbs I ketchup

Croque caprese | € 9,50
Multigrain bread I pesto I tomato I mozzarella

Köfte | € 9,50
Organic ham I tzatziki I crunchy chickpea I vegetables I flaguette bread

Salmon | € 15,50
Grilled I grilled vegetables I thick-cut chips I hollandaise sauce

Steak | € 17,50
'Binnenveld' beef I mushrooms I peppersauce I thick-cut chips

The following dishes are served with organic white rye bread or organic rustic multi-grain bread:

Classical 12 o'clock | € 10,50
Small fried egg with ham and cheese I bread with meat croquette I small cup of tomato soup

Fried eggs on bread | € 9,50
Three fried free range eggs I your choice: ham, bacon, cheese, roast beef

Eggs Florentine | € 12,50
Two poached eggs I home-smoked salmon I avocado I spinach I hollandaise sauce I brioche toast 

Omelet | € 9,50
With your choice: ham I cheese I bacon I vegetables I smoked salmon 

Dutch croquettes | € 5,95
Two meat croquettes I wholegrain mustard