World Food at Van der Valk

We have compiled a surprisingly varied menu especially for our youngest guests: World Food at Van der Valk.
These adventurous dishes will challenge children to try something different than what’s on offer in traditional children’s menus.
Try the kinds of foods children eat in faraway lands!
Together with Timo Toucan, children travel to distant countries including Hawaii, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Italy and, of course, the Netherlands. Timo also gives the children fun facts about each dish.

This exciting journey changes every six months so that it always stays interesting. Curious? Take a look or book a table.

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A meal for a meal
If you’re choosing the children’s menu then we’ll ensure that children who are less fortunate also enjoy a meal. Van der Valk supports the KidsRights’ Sizanani food programme in South Africa. The programme provides hot school meals, the only meal of the day for some children.