Van der Valk Hotel Veenendaal



Our menu is surprisingly varied! An extensive selection awaits you in our restaurant including traditional Dutch, French, Italian and Asian cuisine. Our Chef selects the freshest ingredients every day.

Are you curious what the restaurant has to offer? Click below to view the menu. 




Tomato | € 5,00
Small meatballs I parsley I crème fraîche

Onion | € 5,00
Crouton I aged cheese

Mushroom | € 5,50
Port I bacon

Beetroot | € 5,50
Feta cheese I hazelnuts 

Valk Classics

Rustic roll from Baker 'Menno'* | € 4,95
Herb butter

Beef carpaccio | € 10,75
Truffle mayonaise I rocket I pine nuts I parmesan

Home-smoked salmon | € 8,50
Mackerelsalad I gherkin I apple I toast

Valk dui | € 7,50
Fried mushrooms I pastry I chicken ragout



Starter tasting | € 12,50
Beef carpaccio I home-smoked salmon I mushroom soup I wild boar ham

Wild boar ham | € 10,75
Beetroot I rocket I caramelized apple I caramel bread

Tartar | € 9,50
Salmon I norwegian shrimps I truffle cream I poached egg I red onion



Duck breast | 1/2 € 10,50 | € 13,50 
Baked I orange I pecan nuts I beans I lemongrass-vinaigrette

House-smoked salmon | 1/2 € 10,50 | € 13,50 
Cucumber I red onion I croutons I egg I yoghurt dressing

Walrdorf*  | 1/2 € 9,50 | € 11,50 
Celery I mandarin I apple I grape I walnuts

* Vegetarian

Our starters are served with white and multigrain bread with salted butter. 

Main course

Meat Classics

Irish round steak | € 19,50
Stewed red cabbage I opperdoes-potato I gravy with cantharel mushrooms

Chateaubriand for two persons | € 24,75 p.p.
500 gram beef tenderloin I haricot verts I mushrooms I stroganoff sauce I pepper sauce 

Farmer's schnitzel | € 15,00
Bacon I onion I pepper I mushroom I boiled egg I mushroom sauce

Pork tenderloin | € 17,50  
Cabbage mashed potato I serrano ham I parmesan cheese I truffle sauce

Chicken satay | € 17,50
Pineapple chutney I cucumber I prawn crackers I satay sauce

Fillet Steak | € 23,50
Potato-garlic puree I sweet and sour shallots I wild carrot I pied de mouton I red wine sauce

Entrecote | € 23,50
450 gram I belgian beef I thick-cut chips I herb butter 

Specialties meat

Organic Ossobuco | € 19,50
Veal I risotto I endive I homemade gravy

Duck's leg  | € 19,50
Candied I beetroot I caramelized apple I potato-garlic puree

Black angus sucade | € 20,50
Gently cooked I cauliflower cream I beurre noisette I sprouts I onion I truffle gravy


Savory tart* | € 15,50
Lentils I curry I massala I red onion chutney I pumpkin seeds

Stew* | € 12,50
Cabbage I baked brie I poached egg I red onion compote

Risotto* | € 15,50
Spinach I mushrooms I puffed potato I truffle cheese


Salmon fillet | € 19,50
Parsnip waffles I sweet & sour leek I beetroot I beurre blanc

Dover sole | € 19,50
3 pieces I remoulade I cucumber ribbons I puffed potatoe

Sole | € 32,50
350 - 400 gram I baked in butter I beetroot I truffle sauce


Specialties fish

Sea bass fillet | € 19,50
Spinach I fennel I langoustine gravy

King prawns | € 21,50
Garlic I grilled vegetables I aioli

Fish & Chips | € 17,50 
Codfish I beer batter I thick-cut chips I home made mustard mayonaise

For those with a small appetite

Irish round steak | € 14,50
Stewed red cabbage I opperdoes-potato I gravy with cantharel mushrooms

Salmon fillet | € 13,50 
Parsnip waffles I sweet & sour leek I beetroot I beurre blanc

Dover sole | € 15,50
2 pieces I remoulade I cucumber ribbons I puffed potatoe


*Vegetarian dish

All our main courses are accompanied by french fries, baked potatoes, mixed salad, apple sauce and mayonnaise


Valk Classics

Dame Blanche | € 5,25
Vanilla ice cream I chocolate mousse I chocolate sauce I whipped cream

Sorbet | € 5,75
Vanilla ice cream I fruit cocktail I 7up I strawberry sauce I whipped cream

French toast | € 6,50
Sugar-loaf I custard flavoured ice cream I whipped cream 


Cheesecake | € 6,50

Bastogne flavoured ice cream I cherries I vanille sabayon

Peanuts & Chocolate | € 6,50
Salted caramel ice cream I chocolate mousse I caramelsauce

Mandarin panna cotta | € 5,75
Curd I ginger crumble I mandarin flavoured sorbet

Stewed pears | € 5,50
Crumble I cinnamon ice cream I whipped cream

Dessert Tasting | € 8,50
Cheesecake I peanuts & chocolate I custard I whipped cream

Cheese plate | € 10,75
Goatcamembert I truffle cheese I Fourme d'Ambert I date syrup I grapes

For those with a small appetite

Dame Blanche | € 4,25
Vanilla ice cream I chocolate sauce I whipped cream

Zoet | € 3,25
Cheesecake I crème brûlée I chocolate mousse

Valk Menu

Valk Menu | € 24,50

Starters | Valk duo

Baked mushrooms I pastry I chicken ragout

Main course | Farmer's schnitzel
Bacon I onion I pepper I mushroom I boiled egg I mushroom sauce

Dessert | Sorbet
Vanilla ice cream I fruit cocktail I 7 up I whipped cream I strawberry sauce

Season Menu

Season Menu | € 32,50

Starter | Wild boar ham

Beetroot I rocket I caramelized apple I caramel-bread

Main course | Organic Ossobuco
Veal I risotto I endive I homemade gravy

Dessert | Stewed pears
Crumble I cinnamon ice cream I whipped cream