Our menu is surprisingly varied! An extensive selection awaits you in our restaurant including traditional Dutch, French, Italian and Asian cuisine. Our Chef selects the freshest ingredients every day.

Are you curious what the restaurant has to offer? Click below to view the menu. 



Tomato | € 5,50
Meatballs I chive I crème fraîche

Garlic | € 5,50
Creamy I chorizo oil I croutons

Pumpkin* | € 5,50
Gingercream I walnuts

Wild | € 6,50
Smoked celeriac I parsley I trufflechestnut




Rustic roll from Baker 'Menno'* | € 5,50
Herb butter I tapenade I garlic sauce

Beef carpaccio | € 11,75
Trufflemayonaise I pine nuts I parmesan cheese I rocket 

Gravad lax | € 11,00
Marinated salmon I beet I tarragon I dill-crème fraîche

Ceviche | € 12,50
Scallops I red grapefruit I spring onion I chili-lime dressing

Valk duo | € 7,50
Roasted mushrooms I focaccia crouton I wild ragout in puff pastry

Smoked duck | € 9,00
Pickled red cabbage I hazelnut I raspberry dressing

Pumpkin | € 8,50
Preserved kumquat I gorgonzola dulce I crunchy nuts I pomegranate glaze

Flan | € 11,50
Duck liver I pumpkin chutney I brussels sprouts I crunchy truffle potato I forest fruits gravy


Smoked salmon | 1/2 € 11,50 | € 13,50   
Marinated pineapple I sesame I beet I green asparagus I creamcheese

Pumpkin* | 1/2 € 10,50 | € 12,50 
Compote I goatcheese crumbles I beluga lentils I pistachio

Carpaccio | 1/2 € 11,50 | € 13,50  
Truffle mayonnaise I pine nuts I rocket I red onion I parmesan cheese I sundried tomatoes I capers

Beef tenderloin | 1/2 € 12,50 | € 15,50  
Pointed pepper I spring onion I bean sprouts I cashew nuts I thai dressing

* Vegetarian

Our starters are served with white and multigrain bread with salted butter. 

Main course


Flank steak | € 21,00
Smoked brussel sprouts I mustard-potato mousseline I reduced red wine

Chateaubriand for two persons | € 26,00 p.p.
Tenderloin I cream from parsnip I chicory I wild spinach I cranberry gravy

Schnitzel | € 16,00
Bacon I onion I mushroom I red cabbage salad I mushroom sauce

Pork tenderloin | € 17,75  
Potato gratin I ratatouille I matured cheese I stroganoff sauce

Chicken satay | € 17,50
Pickled relish I prawn crackers I satay sauce

Deer fillet | € 20,50
Puffed beet I potato-celeriac pie I hazelnut I wild gravy

Pheasant | € 21,00
Sauerkraut I stewed pancetta I mustard-potato mousseline I grape gravy

Braised veal  | € 19,50
Slow cooked I veal cheek I bonne femme I cauliflower mousseline I home made gravy

Fillet Steak | € 26,00
Pumpkin toffee I parsley-carrot mousseline I candied onions I truffelgravy

Supplement | € 7,00
Duck liver



Risotto* | € 16,00
Mushroom I chestnut I spinach I Emmentaler cheese

Vegetable curry* | € 15,75
Zucchini I onion I bell pepper I chinese cabbage I massaman curry I basmati rice

Sweet potato* | € 15,00
Grilled I grilled mini zucchini I roasted nuts I fried peppersweet

Filled green cabbagel* | € 15,00
Puffed beet I fried peppadew I beet vinaigrette


Salmon | € 21,00
Roasted I almonds I glasswort I tomato sauce I herbcream I anise mushroom

Dover sole | € 19,75
3 pieces I cucumber-glasswort salad I antiboise

Zeeuwse mosselen | € 20,50
Cooked I white wine I 3 sauces

Codfish | € 20,75
Sea lavender I cream of green peas I puffed tomato I baby chicory

Prawn | € 21,75
Pappardelle I cockles I mussels I spinach I tomato I salsa verde

Gurnard | € 20,50
Pepper I truffle potato I sauce from smoked garlic


For those with a small appetite

Flank steak | € 14,50
Broccoli I baby corn I carrots I preserved potato I gravy of red wine

Dover sole | € 15,50
2 pieces I cucumber-glasswort salad I antiboise

Schnitzel  | € 12,50
Bacon I onion I mushroom I coleslaw I mushroom sauce


*Vegetarian dish

All our main courses are served with french fries, baked potatoes, mixed salad, apple sauce and mayonnaise


Valk Classics

Dame Blanche | € 5,50
Vanilla ice cream I chocolate mousse I chocolate sauce I whipped cream

Sorbet | € 6,00
Vanilla ice cream I fruit cocktail I strawberry sauce I whipped cream

Mont Blanc | € 6,25
Vanilla ice cream I brownie I chocolate sauce I whipped cream I eggnog

Café Glacé | € 6,00
Vanilla ice cream I coffee-caramel sauce I whipped cream

Cherry cheesecake | € 7,50
Vanilla ice cream I whipped cream I pistachio

Lime pie | € 7,50
Lime sorbet ice cream I sauce from forest fruits I roasted coconut

Curd cheese | € 7,00
Rhubarb I strawberries I compote I custard cream I vanilla crumble

Dutch strawberries | € 8,50
Vanilla ice cream I whipped cream I cantuccini crunch

Chocolate cream | € 7,50
Orange sorbet ice cream I honeycomb I whipped cream 

Cheese plate | € 11,75
Vacherin Mont D'or I Shropshire Blue I Compte AOP I giff jam I fruit loaf I nuts


For those with a small appetite

Dame Blanche | € 4,75
Vanilla ice cream I chocolate mousse I chocolate sauce I whipped cream

Café Glacé | € 4,75
Vanilla ice cream I coffee-caramel sauce I whipped cream

Macarons | € 4,75
3 pieces I various flavours

Valk Menu

Valk Menu | € 27,50

Starters | Valk duo

Roasted mushrooms I focaccia crouton I wild ragout in puff pastry

Main course | Schnitzel
Bacon I onion I mushrooms I red cabbage salad I mushroom sauce

Dessert | Dame Blanche
Vanilla ice cream I chocolate mousse I whipped cream I chocolate sauce

Season Menu

Season Menu | € 30,50

Starter | Pumpkin 

Compote I goatcheese crumbles I beluga lentils I pistachio

Main course | Pheasant
Sauerkraut I stewed pancetta I mustard-potato mousseline I grape gravy

Dessert | Parfait
Nougat I chocolate crumble I raspberry sauce



Rustic bread from 'Menno' bakery | € 5,50
Aioli I tapenade

Local cheese and sausage | € 7,00
Mustard I pickles I silverskin onions

Bitterballs | € 7,00
8 pieces I French mustard

Dutch shrimp croquettes | € 8,50
8 pieces I saffron mayonnaise

Hot wings | € 8,50
8 pieces I chili sauce I BBQ-sauce

Nacho's with cheese | € 8,50
Crème Fraîche I tomato salsa I guacamole I chili sauce I cheese dip

Finger food | € 10,00
Mixed I 12 pieces I mustard I chili sauce I mayonnaise

Meze platter | € 7,50 p.p.
Baba ganoush I hummus I tapenade I pesto I artichoke I olives I bread