Escaperoom 0318


Escaperoom 0318

Excitement and adrenaline when the clock is ticking. The Circe Veenendaal offers you a new and unique gaming experience. An exciting, unpredictable, addicting and educating day out. Become a hero! Play one of our escaperooms and try to save the world as an important agent.

Together with a team of friends, colleagues or family you will help “The Circle”, an independent organization that operates in deep secret. You only have 70 minutes. Will you succeed?

· Operation Submarine
As a research team you step on board of a submarine, there’s a big explosion … Start the motors and dismantle the torpedoes to save the world.

· Operation Source Code
Infiltrate into the strictly guarded datacenter Source Code. Hack devices and get around security systems to stop a dangerous programme.

· Operation Agent 159
You haven’t heard of your fellow agent in a long time … Infiltrate into the company and find out what has happened. Will this ever get a good end?

For young and old. 3 – 8 persons.

Monday – Sunday opened. Inform the possibilities beforehand.

Suitable for big groups.


There’s more than only escaperooms! Experience a total other world through Virtual Reality Gaming or come by to play pool when enjoying a delicious (specialty)beer or other drink.

Besides that we organize every third Sunday of the month afternoon games and every fourth Friday of the month a pubquiz. Email us to sign up!

More information:
Phonenumber: 0318 769173