Walking with alpacas

Have a lovely walk in with an alpaca in the woods or the heathland of Gelderland. Alpacas are very sweet and social animals that love company. The Alpacabos is located on the Veluwe. You can cuddle the Alpacas and they like to walk with you in the woods.

First you can choose your own Alpaca. Then you go into the forest with your Alpaca. There are several beautiful hiking trails and the hike will be guided by an expert. The activity takes about 1.5 hours in total. After an hour of walking you can feed the alpacas and at the end of the experience you can drink a cup of coffee or tea and eat something sweet.


€20 per person (also for children).
You can walk with 1 alpaca in pairs.

Meuluntersweg 32
6741 HN Lunteren

Phone: +31 (0)6 20 37 39 43
Mail: info@hetalpacabos.nl

 More information: www.hetalpacabos.nl (Dutch only)