The Veluwe

In The Veluwe you will find an oasis of peace and at the same time adventure. This area has more than just forest, namely also heathland, sandy plains, estates and meadows. It is a beautiful area for biking, hiking, horseback riding and the place to spot wildlife. You might even see a deer, roe deer or wild boar. It is a unique part of the Netherlands where you want to have been!

Hiking in the Veluwe
The Veluwe is incredibly versatile! Besides various museums and activities, you can also enjoy hiking. Choose from a wide range of hiking trails on the Veluwe, and discover why this nature reserve is so special. For example, discover the old tree forest of Vierhouten with winding beeches and ancient oaks. Or chance an encounter with game during the walk Buunderkamp. There is something for everyone! Check out a small selection of hiking trails through the Veluwe below:

  • Wandelroute familiepad Harskamp (1.5 km) (dog loose) (suitable for the disabled)
  • Walking route Buunderkamp (3.4 km) (dog on a leash)
  • Hiking route Varenna (6 km) (dog leashed)
  • Hiking route Bergelt (6,5 km) (dog leashed)
  • Hiking trail Heidewandeling (12,5 km) (dog leashed)

Look here for more information about the walking routes.

Cycling in the Veluwe
Looking for a cycling route on the Veluwe? The Veluwe offers an adventurous experience for cycling enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you want a quiet bike ride through the picturesque forests or are looking for a challenging mountain bike route, the possibilities are endless! Check out a small sample of cycling routes on the Veluwe below:

  • Cycling route Veluwe-Noord (45 km, can be shortened to 21 km)
  • Mountain bike route Zandenwoud (51 km)

Look here for more information about the cycling routes.

Spend the night near the Veluwe?
Do you want to enjoy the beautiful nature carefree? Then choose a wonderful overnight stay near the Veluwe in Van der Valk Hotel Veenendaal! Stay in one of our comfortable hotel rooms. Go out during the day and in the evening enjoy a delicious dinner in our modern restaurant. Did you know that you can also use our bicycle rental service at our hotel? Rent an E-bike for €23.50 per day and explore the beautiful surroundings of the Veluwe!