Escaperoom The Circle

Thrills and adrenaline as time on the clock runs out. The Circle Veenendaal offers a new and unique gaming experience. An exciting, unpredictable, addictive and educational getaway. Become a hero! Play one of our escaperooms where you can save the world as an agent. You will help "The Circle" ,an organization that operates in the deepest secrecy, to complete various missions together with a team of friends, colleagues, acquaintances or family. You only have 70 minutes. Can you manage?

There are more than just escape rooms: imagine yourself in a different world with Virtual Reality Gaming, discover Veenendaal through a GPS Challenge or come by for some games while enjoying a (special) beer or other drink.
In addition, there is a game afternoon every third Sunday of the month and a pub quiz every fourth Friday of the month. You can sign up via the website

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Tuinstraat 14
3901 RB Veenendaal

Phone: 0318 769173
Mail: (Dutch only)